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2" Finale Cakes
More budget friendly finale cakes with a huge presence! These create massive sky filling bursts. 
Zipper Cakes
500 Gram Aerials
200 Gram Aerials
500 Gram Fountains
Our Products
We take pride in our wide selection of the highest quality products. 
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Fast and super exciting! zipper, comet, mine cakes are always a crowd favorite.
The meat and potatoes of all good firework shows. these are the cakes with the most powder allowed by law!
Everyone's favorite aerials. these are budget friendly and always great performers. 
Simply the biggest and most impressive  fountains you can get!
the perennial classic lots of color and show. 
3" Finale Cakes
These are the largest consumer cakes available. The ultimate way to end your show!. 
Super Buy 500 Gram 
We worked tirelessly to bring you a super value line of high performance 500 Gram Aerials!
We have a wide selection of traditional and special effect sparklers. 
Parachutes / Daytime
Gender Reveal
Professional Display
Parachutes are every child's favorite and we have the biggest selection around. We also have several daytime items. 
A show in a box. From all fountain to the Utah legal and all aerial assortments we build in house. you can't go wrong!
Unique and fun items from confetti  cannons to aerials and everything in between. 
We offer a wide range of wedding items from confetti to sparklers. 
We do Shows! make the ultimate statement with a firework show at your next event. From weddings to county fairs. 
No matter how old you are novelties appeal to the kid in all of us. from smoke to tank wars who can resist!
Folds of Honor
fireworks that are designed for the Folds of Honor charity. Show your patriotic spirit and help support a great cause.
An amzing selection of fountains with the most vivid colors and best effects.